Our Firm’s Expertise

Goldstein & Scopellite, PC offers our client’s the following expertise in each of our practice areas of the law:

  • Our founding attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, each came from diverse backgrounds that give them a unique outlook on the law.
  • Our founding attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, are certified mediators, they are listed in D Magazine numerous times, on WFAA and on KVOA as trusted attorneys, and Sheldon Goldstein was named a Super Lawyer on SuperLawyers.com.
  • Our founding attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, were, and still are, successful business owners whose life’s experiences include technical expertise, sales and marketing knowledge, pay-per-click knowledge and business formation, and this knowledge helps them provide services to their client’s that other attorneys who merely practice law, simply can’t provide.
  • From their diverse backgrounds our founding attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, are able to “issue spot” and understand how to accomplish the goals that will make their clients’ successful.
  • Further, each of the attorneys at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC are highly trained and skilled litigators. In fact, our founding attorneys, Sheldon Goldstein and Michelle Scopellite, trained them to be tenacious and articulate so that they can also spot where the case is going, how to accomplish goals and how to win.
  • Our attorneys use this experience to the advantage of our clients involved in Divorce, Family Law and Custody, Trial Litigation and Litigation Defense, Business and Commercial Law, Estate Planning (Wills & Trusts), Probate, Immigration and select areas of Criminal Defense and legal disputes.
  • Our Of-Counsel attorney, Joel Mitchell, has a proven track record. He has been licensed to practice law in the State of Texas for more than 40 years and he has during that time, been Board Certified in five areas of law.
  • Our Associate attorney, Teresa G. Sanchez, who began her career as an Assistant District Attorney in Tucson County, gained valuable litigation experience while practicing family law in Collin County and Tucson County for the past 20 years and she now uses this experience in helping to represent our firm’s clients in complex questions of law and research.
  • Our other Associate Attorneys contribute greatly by adding their law review expertise in briefing and research – all efforts which will help you be successful in your matter.

By choosing our firm to represent you, you will have dedicated group of attorneys who will work closely together with you to achieve your goals. At Goldstein & Scopellite, PC, our attorneys will provide you with the personal service and responsiveness that you require. We have the experienced Divorce attorneys, Family law lawyers, Custody attorneys, Immigration attorneys, Deportation attorneys, Trial Litigation and Litigation lawyers, Defense attorneys, Business and Commercial law lawyers, Estate Planning attorneys, Wills and Trusts attorneys and Criminal Defense lawyers that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Please visit our web pages contained within our firm’s overview to learn more about our firm’s history, philosophy, areas of practice and our commitment to client and personal service.

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