Tucson Business Litigation Attorneys

Business litigation is often time consuming and can be very costly. That is one of the reasons why you should consider the Tucson business litigation lawyers at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC when you run into legal difficulties. Not only do we have more than 50 years of combined business law trial experience but we are also certified mediators. Mediation is a cost saving protection that we can offer you to avoid litigation and the negative impact that an extended action could have on your business operations. Additionally, we have the skills to help ensure that we can provide you the counsel you need to help avoid future litigation so you can continue to run your business as effectively as possible.

Thorough Analysis and Research

One of the most important things our Tucson business litigation attorneys will do for you is thoroughly research and analyze your legal matter. Once we do this, we will provide you with a full assessment including advising you whether or not litigation is worth the potential cost and risk to your business.

If you are considering a settlement on any issue that is potentially going to end in litigation we can also review that settlement to determine if it is in your best interest. We will always pursue the best possible solution to protect you and your business interests and will work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome.

Tucson Business Litigation Services

We know that the successful resolution of business disputes is important and we provide representation in a wide area of business law including:

  • Contract Disputes – when you have a commercial contract dispute we will work hard to protect your interests. We will review all of the terms of the contract and help you solve the dispute through mediation or when needed, through litigation.
  • Employment Law Issues – by having us prepare your employment documents including non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, and employment contracts, you can count on us to ensure we are protecting your business reputation by creating an iron clad contract.
  • Business torts – when you are dealing with wrongful business actions we can provide the legal intervention that is necessary and provide you with competent representation through litigation.
  • Fraud issues – fraud can be charged civilly or criminally and we can help you file charges of fraud or when needed defend you against charges of fraud.
  • Unfair competition – if you are dealing with a competitor who is having an adverse impact on your business we can help you pursue any appropriate legal actions.
  • Business disputes – when you are dealing with a partnership or shareholder dispute we are here to defend you and protect your rights.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty – if you are charged with a breach of duty or you need to file suit for breach of duty we are fully prepared to help.
  • Regulatory compliance – understanding administrative regulations are a necessary part of all businesses. We can help defend you against suits that are filed against you as well as help you fight violations of these regulations.
  • Other areas – we are fully prepared to help you deal with other areas of business law including intellectual property disputes, injunctive relief, theft of trade secrets, unfair or deceptive business practices, anti-trust complaints and fraud. We know that you need a skilled Tucson business law team on your side regardless of your needs.

Paperwork Preparation in Litigation

Litigation is extremely complex and requires drafting of petitions, counter-petitions, pleadings, answers and motions. We know that you may not be familiar with how these are handled and that is why at Goldstein & Scopellite, PC our business trial lawyers have the knowledge, experience and background to handle all research, drafting of pleadings and identifying potential issues.

We also understand that each of these motions and pleadings have specific time requirements when they must be filed with the courts. We will always make sure that we are addressing these issues in as timely a manner as possible in order to avoid losing a case due to deadlines being missed from a failure to take the proper actions.

Our Tucson business litigation lawyers can be contacted at (520) 202-0392 or may be reached by email.